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Summer School Migrants and Refugees

Summer School Migrants and Refugees: Theories, Practices and Competences

Fondazione San Giovanni Battista and Cvx Lms Italy officially launches the 2016 edition of the Summer School Migrants and Refugees: Theories, Practices and Competences.

Graduate students, recent graduates and professionals with a strong interest in migration issues are eligible to participate.

summer school migrants and refugees | cvxlms.itThe Summer School is organised by Fondazione San Giovanni Battista with the support of Scuola per Assistenti Sociali “F. Stagno D’Alcontres”, Praticare Onlus, Diocesi di Ragusa, Cvx-Lms Italy and in cooperation with Prefettura, Questura, Provincia ed il comune di Comiso e di Ragusa.

The programme addresses the topical issue of refugees and asylum seekers from both a national and international perspective, and it is divided into four thematic areas (socio-political issues, anthropology, legal aspects, professional skills).

The main goal of the Summer School is to provide participants with the necessary tools to offer personal and community support to refugees and asylum seekers. In particular, the Summer School aims to develop both theoretical and practical competences across various fields of migration assistance in public and private institutions.

The Summer School will consist of 60 hours over the course of 10 days of which 36 will be devoted to lectures and seminars, 15 to an internship programme, and 7 to workshops, thus combining different teaching methods.

The Summer School will take place at Centro polifunzionale di informazione e servizi per l’immigrazione, Ragusa. Participants will also visit the centres where our European Cvx volunteers operate for the At the Frontiers project.

Summer School Migrants and Refugees: Practical Information

The Summer School takes place from 25 August to 3 September in Ragusa, Italy.

The cost of the Summer School for participants coming from abroad amounts to 100 €. The participation fee includes all activities and learning materials. Participants can stay at the Jesuits house. The price for accommodation and food (breakfast and dinner) is 150 Euro.

To subscribe, please fill in this form and send it by email to cfacello@fsgb.it

Read the Programme of the Summer School (and the flyer in Italian)

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